The Jersey Devil

Edgar Allan Poe wrote in his essay on interior design and specifically about American ideals of aesthetic good “[A] man of large purse has usually a very little soul which he keeps in it.” While Poe may be speaking of a lack of culture and taste, specifically represented in Republican manners, this description is particularly... Continue Reading →

Heredity or A Dog’s Life

The fate of animals in any horror movies is a prickly subject. What does it mean for animals to die in horror movies? Most of the time the audience knows that the furry bell weathers are often the first to go. Films like Halloween or the Friday the 13th franchise occasionally play with the audiences... Continue Reading →

Sophia’s Choice

The old horror cliche is that the one who invariably needs to be revenged is the monster, the killer. The one who has been wronged in some kind of moral sense, even if that occasions has to do some fuzzy math to get the equation right. Looking at something like Jigsaw, in the Saw franchise... Continue Reading →

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